My Belief Statement

Belief Wordle

Any one can be anything they want to be regardless of their sex, race, religion or culture.

This belief stems from an incident I have talked about with my students every year on December 6th.  In 1989 on December 6th, 14 female engineering students were lined up and executed by a man who thought these women should not be in engineering.  This resonates with me, because in May of that same year, I graduated from engineering.  I remember sitting in my cubical in a structural engineering firm in shock when we heard the news of this incident.  I told this story to my students not only for the obvious lesson that violence against women, or against anyone, is wrong but to talk about what I truly believe.  I truly believe that any one can become anything they want to be regardless of their sex, race, religion or culture, if they work hard and put their minds to it.

True to myself: honest, respectful and enthusiastic.

As an educational leader I believe that I must be true to my character and myself to create a safe and supportive school community.  It is important for me to be myself, be honest, be respectful and be enthusiastic.   With my excitement, my desire to improve and my willingness to take risks to try something new, I hope to motivate and encourage teachers, support staff and students to be their best and do their best as well.

Model effective use of technology

I believe it is important for all educators to have a good understanding of the effective use of technology for teaching and learning to improve student achievement.  This is a challenging time for educators, as we are now 12 years into the 21st Century and we are still developing methods and strategies to meet the needs of our 21st Century learners.  It is imperative that educational leaders understand the need to engage the school community by modeling the effective use of the available technology and to encourage and support the risk takers and early adopters.    We must be able to educate our students with the 21st Century skills needed for the jobs of the future thus enabling them for success.


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