Journal of LC Visits

Last week I started my visits to the Learning Connections Champion Districts.  I had the opportunity to meet with the LC teams from Simcoe County DSB and Near North DSB.  These two districts are well on their way to implement their projects.  During the visits I discovered and started playing with the Journal feature in iPhoto on my iPad.

Simcoe County District School Board

SCDSBIn SCDSB they are aligning their LC project with the 21st Century Learning Technology Hub as their vision to build capacity for effective use of technology in their district.   Last year, they learned that teachers directly involved in the Hub meetings benefitted from their involvement. This year, their focus is to go beyond this core team in each area to reach teachers in their family of schools.  Each person at this area meeting was asked to propose an inquiry project to reach out to other schools.  Proposals that involved new schools would obtain funding for release time (supported by Learning Connections and CODE).   Time was spent during the meeting to brainstorm inquiry ideas and complete a

SCDSB Journal

Google Spreadsheet to submit their proposals.  I love the idea that the teachers involved could decide on their own project based on their needs, interests and expertise.   Have a look at some of the meeting highlights in my iPhoto Journal. Click on the image on the left to go to the Journal and see the photos and videos included.  You can click on the items in the Journal to enlarge 🙂

Near North District School Board

NNDSBThe visit to North Bay and NNDSB started with a spectacular fall drive north and construction mayhem near the school.  Check out the NNDSB iPhoto Journal below for pics.  NNDSB is focussing their Learning Connections project on the LMS D2L and how it can be used in the classroom for all students.   Their plan is to build capacity for using the LMS for the teachers involved in Learning Connections.

Each teacher at the meeting will have 4 release days to work with 3 other teachers.  These days will be broken down to one half day for the lead teacher and 3 other teachers to discuss and plan.  Then the lead teacher will have two full days release to work with the teachers in their classroom.  A Google Spreadsheet was used for them to submit the names of the other teachers and the dates for the release time.  Support


will be provided through the district’s eLearning Consultant and Technology Coordinator.  During the meeting, they were using a Learning Connections D2L course to provide information, link to the Google Spreadsheet, complete a survey, track their release time and keep an online discussion throughout the year.  It was great to see them learning about D2L while in a D2L course.  Something I always like to do when learning a new application.

Learning for the week

  • iPhoto, shipped with iOS7, has some great features – check out Journal.  Create a Journal in iPhoto
  • Google Docs and Spreadsheets are being used more and more for planning and other creative uses
  • D2L has some great new features – just noticed that there is an ePortfolio app available
  • If I set aside time to write for my Blog, I actually do it 🙂

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