Funny thing happened on the way to Sudbury

I have to start this story with an adventure that happened to me back in January.  I was flying from Pearson to North Bay for one of my LC visits.

North Bay flight

The flight there was uneventful, and while waiting at Pearson I met a nice woman named Teresa.  It turned out that Teresa would be on my flight home, so we could meet up again to chat while waiting for our return flight.  Little did I know…  We both had a great day going about our separate work in North Bay and we did meet up again at the North Bay airport.  It was a good thing we met up as we listened to announcements every 15 minutes that our flight was delayed.  And then it happened. The announcement that our flight was “indefinitely delayed”.  We looked at each other and said “what the heck does that mean?”.  We left the waiting area like everyone else and tried to figure out what to do.  Our flight was cancelled!  With our wits about us and our quick thinking, we checked to see if we could rent a car and cancel our flight tickets.  Success! We now had a 4.5 hour drive home.  We had great fun on our drive home and got along great, considering we just met.  We kept asking ourselves if we were crazy to do this? But it all worked out and we pulled into the car rental place at Pearson 15 minutes before the flight that we would have been on arrived.

Go forward nine months to October.  I found myself waiting at Pearson for a flight to Sudbury with a scheduled 8:00 am departure time.  Then the announcements started:  flight delayed, flight delayed… I waited and I waited.  Then I looked up and saw a woman that looks vaguely familiar. Flight delay I think it might be the woman I drove from North Bay with, but I was not sure.  I couldn’t remember her name and I didn’t want to walk up to her and be embarrassed as I found out it wasn’t her (I have done that way too many times).  So, I pull out my phone to search my contacts – good thing I put a description for her “Drive from North Bay”.

I texted her saying that I am waiting for a delayed flight to Sudbury and was thinking of her.  5 minutes later I got the reply “I too am waiting at the airport for a flight to Sudbury.  Are you at Pearson?”  What are the chances? I went over to where she was sitting and we debated a drive to Sudbury – hahahaha…No way!  What a laugh.  The people around us must have wondered what these two women were laughing and joking about.

Sudbury Flight

This time, we waited and took the plane.  I can’t wait for our next flight adventure.  Although next time, I may ask which flight she is on before a book.

Teresa, here’s to travelling on time together…until next time!


One thought on “Funny thing happened on the way to Sudbury

  1. Hi Anita 🙂
    A great recap of our northern adventures!!! I look forward to seeing you next time…..but also hope that our future travels together are less eventful….lol
    Until the next time my co-pilot and flight delay friend….lol
    Warmest wishes,
    Teresa 🙂

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