Visit to RDSB and YRDSB

I recently visited two districts that are a part of Learning Connections: Rainbow DSB and York Region DSB.  The projects in these two districts and the people on their teams are fantastic.


Rainbow DSB is new to Learning Connection (LC) and are just getting their feet wet.  It is great to see new districts embrace the mandate of LC and build capacity in their districts around Literacy and Numeracy instruction.  RDSB is focussing their project on supporting teachers for grades 7 and 8 Science.

RDSB meeting photo

They will involve 5-7 Science teachers who will decide on one or two common inquiry projects for their students.  Having a common project will allow teachers and students to collaborate during all stages.  They will be using the Ministry platform D2L to communicate and share online.  Throughout the work, they will be including aspects of the Adolescent Literacy Guide.

ipad image

During their planning meeting Martha and Michele explored how the e-portfolio tool works in D2L…this looks cool and a great way for students to document their learning.  I think it would be great if teachers also decide to use e-portfolio to document their journey.  I am excited to see what inquiry they will embark on in Science and hope to be able to contribute to the project.


I also visited York Region DSB this week during their “kick-off” planning meeting.   It was great to have the opportunity to be involved with their initial planning.  Discussion was in-depth and the group is well on their way to their goal of building capacity in the district around inquiry teaching and learning.

Inquiry Process1

The LC project for YRDSB is based on the new Social Studies curriculum.  The implementation plan is to focus on the front matter of the new curriculum this year and new content next year. LC will support the learning and sharing with teachers from all geographical areas of the district.  The core team will host a half day event to roll out the process and resources for the entire group that will include Literacy@School teachers and LC teachers.

YRDSB PlanningThey plan to have an online space for collaboration and learning for the teachers involved.  They decided to create a Google Site since the district is also implementing Google Apps for Education.  Their goal is to have a site with multiple entry points for teachers to use as they learn more about the inquiry process. Can’t wait to see how this project evolves!

As I sit here and reflect on the visits that I have done so far this year and will continue to do, I feel very fortunate to work with such talented and dedicated educators.  I love my job for this.


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