Visit to UGDSB and KPRDSB (and OCSB)

Well, I knew this would happen eventually and now it has been confirmed…when life gets too busy, the first thing I dropped is posting to my blog.  Go me 🙂  But I am back and committed to keep up –  I hope.

November has been a busy month with several visits to districts, launching a new LC project initiative and presenting/attending conferences.  This post will focus on two of my actual visits and one Twitter visit.

The day I went to UGDSB in Guelph, I was upset to miss the  OCSB Learning Connections day in Ottawa.  However, through Twitter and the photos that OCSB sent me after, I feel I was really at both locations. The OCSBOCSB LC champions continue to build capacity for their district and organized a day of learning for 70 teachers.  Following the #LCOCSB, I was able to “listen” in to their activities.  I wish I was there for their Learning Connections Tool Speed Dating!

Speed Dating - Learning

The photos from the day look like everyone was engaged and true sharing was happening. Teachers used creative ways to to capture their learning which aligns with their focus about capturing student learning.  Excited to hopefully make it to Ottawa for their next session.

UGDSB is in their second year with Learning Connections and it was great to see their core group expanding. Throughout the day the leads,


Brenda and Andrew modelled different technologies with the group while having them answer deep thinking questions like: What happens to practice when we share in an online space that encourages feedback and reflections? What advice would you give yourself if you could go back to speak to you as a first year teacher? What does teaching through problem solving mean to you? What do you think about when you set up your math classroom?  While answering these questions, the group had a chance to experience Google Docs,


Ning, a six word story using a photo editing app and voice over photo app like Fotobabble.  The group was focused and engaged in answering the questions while being able to experience technology that was new to them.  The group will be using a Ning for collaboration, sharing and communication.

I have to share  a link to a video they showed during the day…this really speaks to me:  Obvious to you. Amazing to Others.  I look forward to reading and seeing the great work that is happening in UGDSB.

My other visit this month was to KPRDSB in Coburg.  KPRDSBI just have to get this out there first….the doughnuts were amazing and I could not imagine a visit out there without them!Doughnuts  Mmmmm.

KPRDSB continues their work that they started last year in Learning Connections to build capacity around inquiry learning through their teacher librarians.  Michelle shared her learning from last year and her 10 big ideas about inquiry. The resource they use for their focus on inquiry is the Together for Learning document developed by the Ontario School Library Association with the support of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat of the Government of Ontario’s Ministry of Education. Check out the model for inquiry in this document:

inquiry model

The group spent the day learning about the tools they will be using to share and collaborate: OneNote, D2L Portfolios and Twitter (#KPRTLZ).  Their learning continues and I look forward to working with them on their journey.


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