Visit to AMDSB and HPEDSB

Happy New Year!  It is time to catch up…do I hear a New Year’s resolution coming?  Nope, just my continued attempt to keep up with the writing 🙂 I have been to many districts in the last couple of months and my plan is to work backwards to catch up.  This past week I got to brave the cold and hope to avoid the snow to visit AMDSB in Wingham, Ontario and HPEDSB in Belleville, Ontario.

Avon Maitland DSB has focussed their project in one school that has just opened up in Wingham.   The group of 11 teachers spent the morningAMDSB

learning about Google Apps for Education: Google Drive, Docs, Gmail, Forms and more. Heather spent some time sharing how she uses Google in her class.  I love the idea of how she used Google Forms to ask her students about preferred seating.  In the afternoon, the group was going to focus on their Math collaborative and IMG_0325inquiry.  They were going to use their morning learning to create a school wide survey for students around their Math attitudes.  Also, each teacher in the room was to develop a plan on how they were going to integrate the use of Google Drive in their work.  What a great morning I had spending time with the AMDSB folks!

Hastings and Prince Edward DSB has also been working in Google Apps for Education for their Learning Connections Project.  They had a series of three sessions for about 30 educators involved in their pilot for HPEDSBGAFE with a different theme for each session:

  • explore and experiment
  • learn and reflect
  • sharing

They use a Concerned Based Adoption Model (CBAM) to track the progress of the group.  The two questions asked at the beginning of each session were:


  1. What is your level of concern regarding the implementation of the GAFE platform?
  2. What is your level of use for GAFE platform?

During the sharing, the main benefit that teachers reported was the ability to provide immediate and more descriptive feedback for students.  They saw improvement in the quality of writing as students could address the comments teachers were providing while completing assignments in Google Docs.  It is awesome to see educators embrace the advantages of integrating technology to provide students with multiple opportunities to improve and be successful!

Ok, you knew this was coming…funny thing happened in Wingham and Belleville!  Something always happens on my trips, so here it is:

Wingham…had to stay in a B & B that didn’t have the furnace running – whhhaaaaat? Nice little radiant heater in my room that lit up the whole room all night.IMG_0346

Belleville…met two extremely nice Tim Hortons truck drivers who helped me out of my parking spot after they blocked me in!

I have so much fun travelling around Ontario. I can’t wait for the next adventure 🙂


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