Visit to TLDSB

The time has come to post my reflections for my last site visit for 2013-2014, which was to Trillium Lakelands DSB.  My visit to Lindsay was awesome and loads TLDSB-Goodof fun with Jeremy and Tina.  Am I allowed to say I had fun while working?  The afternoon started with Jeremy telling me about some of the great projects that educators are working on.  The district has combined their LC support with their IT initiative to provide teachers with technology and release time.  Teachers submitted inquiry questions based on their curriculum goals and tied their questions to measurable outcomes. I had the chance to meet some of these teachers and students involved in these projects.

IMG_0452The first school, Dr. George Hall PS, we visited was looking at the impact of giving students choice of the device they would use to maximize their learning.  The students have access to both laptops and iPads in the classroom.  When talking with the students, they told me that when math problems were presented and solved using technology, they are more interested in doing the math. The teacher has also seen an improvement in engagement when the students worked on math problems on their devices.

IMG_0460The second school, Bobcaygeon PS, we visited was specifically looking into the use of iPads and how using them everyday might increase the students’ critical literacy and communication skills when collecting and analyzing primary and secondary data.   The students I observed and talked with, were very proficient in using the technology and they shared many of their videos that they created for class.  The class is using Explain Everywhere, Google Drive, iMovie and many other applications.  The teacher is finding that she does not have to be the expert in using the tools as the students will figure them out and then share with their peers.  I even had two of the students teach me how to make an iMovie – and I made my first one with them 🙂

Then the evening fun at a studentIMG_1831 film festival, after shoe shopping.  Yes, Jeremy took me shoe shopping!  He was challenged by another district to get an interesting photo from my visit, and what can be better than tons of shoes?


The film festival was at Central IMG_1834Senior School where they had their whole school involved with their inquiry project.  Every class had a culminating activity where students created a video.  The film festival was their way to celebrate the best of the best. Limo, red carpet and photo ops started the great evening.  What an awesome project to engage teachers, students and parents!

Jeremy was a great host driving me to see the great work in their LC schools, taking me shoe shopping,  to dinner and then to the film festival. Thank you for the fun in TLDSB 🙂


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