As I sit here in my office in the last week of June, I realize how quickly this year has passed.  The people I work with both in the office and across Ontario have made this year one of my best.  It has been one of my most memorable years as I one-way-640x420travelled to visit ALL of the LC districts!  I now look forward to my own travels in July to one of my dream vacations – Alaska.  Yup, I didn’t get enough ice this winter, so I thought I would travel to see some more.

This blog has meant a lot to me and the fact that I actually kept up with my postings.  For most people, the challenge for keeping a blog would be to find the time to write.  And although this was definitely a challenge for me as well, I had to overcome an even greater challenge of being able to write.  Let me explain.  It took me a year of talking about writing a blog (I don’t think this is uncommon), but the thought of having to write made me terribly nervous and anxious.  Then I had a great conversation with Dean Shareski (he probably doesn’t even remember this talk we had about two years ago).  He was so understanding about my fears and suggested some ways around them.  Even though I don’t think I used any of his suggestions (sorry Dean, don’t be offended), his talk did inspire me and I still think about our chat when I sit down to write.   It still took my another year actually post to a blog.  Let me explain further, my anxiety around writing is very much like other peoples ‘math phobias’.  I feel that I just can’t do it and it is a great effort for me to write.  I remember when I started working part time with ABEL and the communications person would ask me to write a short article, I would break out in a cold sweat and it would take me hours to write a short paragraph.  It is still difficult for me to write, but I am coming to terms with it and persevere through my anxieties.  Sometimes the people in my office hear me say “Just give me a physics or math problem…I don’t want to write anymore!”  Hahahaha.

I am so proud that I made the goal to blog this year and even prouder that I kept up with it – pat self on back.  If you are reading this (and it always surprises me when I hear that someone reads my blog – oh my), I encourage you to set a goal, work on keeping your goal and then reap the rewards of succeeding with your goal.  I have set my new goals for work and personal:

  • read more professional articles – any suggestions how to manage electronic resources to read?
  • post more on Twitter when I visit districts to engage more people in Learning Connections
  • enter a triathlon before I am 50, this give me a year to succeed:) – if Purple Running Manonly I could run…I have started, but can only make it 2k and I have only done this once.

What are your goals? Have a happy, healthy and safe summer.  Think of me amongst the ice in Alaska and trying to run.


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