Summer Fun!

I hope that everyone had an amazing summer.  I know I can say that I did!!!  Our trip to Alaska was spectacular and I highly recommend a trip like this IMG_2104for anyone who likes nature.  The cruise was very cool (first time on a cruise) and the ports we visited were fun and wet.  One lesson learned on the trip is that the Alaskan coast just west of BC is actually a temporal rain forest which means lots of rain.  Another lesson learned was during our land tour… did you know there are 37 types of mosquitoes? They all found me!  We saw lots of wildlife (other than mosquitoes) including: humpback whales, orcas, seals, eagles, moose, bears, mountain sheep, a wolf …  There were also way more glaciers than I ever imagined – while on the ship we got extremely close to the ice and we saw the glaciers calving which was amazing.  The midnight sun was something to experience as we never saw a dark sky while on our entire land tour and the sun set around 11:00 pm or so.  It was a trip of a lifetime and one I will not forget!

I also had a great accomplishment this summer that I am quite proud of. I actually didn’t think it would be as rewarding as it was and I have to admit that the overwhelming feeling of success surprised me.  In my last post in June I shared my goals and one of them was to enter a triathlon before I turn 50 (not there yet, but a year closer). This was a huge goal because in April, I could not even run 100 m in one go.  By August, I was up to 2.5 km runs and decided it was time to take a deep breath and register for my first triathlon.  The date was September 6th in Wasaga Beach – 400 m swim, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run.  Training was fun with the great support of my husband.  Ice Wasaga - Bike1water, open water swims in Georgian Bay were bone chilling (difficult, but doable, since I used to competitive swim) and trying to combine biking followed by a run was devastating (I thought it was hard to just run – nearly killed me to put a ride before the run).  But, on September 6th, I was ready for the “Give-it-a-Tri”.  When we arrived at the race site, I realized right away that the swim would not happen (Georgian Bay had 1-2 foot waves) and sure enough they cancelled the swim and added another run – YIKES!  The race became a  1 km run, 10 km bike, 2.5 km run.  All I can say is that I didn’t come last IMG_0083_2and I FINISHED! I still haven’t done a triathlon, but I have the bug and will be entering more next year.  I am even thinking that I can work up to the longer distance of a Sprint Triathlon (750 m swim, 20 km bike, 5 km run), but first, I need to get a couple of short distance races under my belt.  This has been quite the experience for me and I am excited to continue on this journey.

Share your goals and accomplishments…I want to hear from you.

Have an awesome school year!



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