Visit to KPRDSB 2014

KPRDSBOn the road again 🙂  My visits to the Learning Connections District Champions have started again and I am hoping to get many done before the snow starts.  My first visit was to KPRDSB at their board office in Peterborough.

The LC – KPRDSB plan is to: continue their use of web 2.0 tools for professional collaboration with added focus and consistency; deepen their understanding of student inquiry and how to facilitate it; and buildIMG_0258 on effective use of technology with students in the service of learning. Their project will build capacity of Teacher-Librarians (TL’s) to integrate technology into their professional learning and also into their work with teachers and students in their schools.

I really like the way this group approaches their inquiry learning and how they provide support for all learners in their schools.  Using the Together for Learning document published by Ontario Library inquiry modelAssociation, they embrace the messiness that can occur with inquiry learning and are gaining a better understanding of what is involved. “What does inquiry look like in the classroom? It can be messy!”  They stress the importance of all the areas of inquiry and that the assessment should not be all about the creation phase.  They support their teachers in their schools through all the curricular areas, but this year, they will also focus on what mathematics looks in the library.

The group will be collaborating and sharing in Desire 2 Learn (D2L), which is new for them.  They recognized that their learning and use of this application will get messy – but that’s ok.  Once they have a clear mind of what is working in D2L in their own sandbox course of resources, they plan to role out resources for Teacher Librarians in a system wide D2L course.  Great plan!

One highlight of the day was watching a video from Carol Dweck that they showed:  A Study on Praise and Mindset.  I think every educator should watch and reflect on this philosophy.  Leave a comment below on your thoughts of this video.  Looking forward to read your ideas.

This promises to be another great year of IMG_0054learning, sharing and collaborating in Learning Connections.  Until my next post.  Wait, I forgot to tell you about my challenge for this year…one cool/fun pic from each site visit (wish me luck).  This pic “I tweet therefore I am” a gift from @mwalkerhope to @michelecoxhead 🙂





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