Visit to OCSB 2014

Last week I survived the snow IMG_0628blast and managed to squeak in a visit to Ottawa Catholic School Board.  I am convinced that I made it home that day because I was prepared for the worst in case I had to stay the night.  If I wasn’t prepared…


I was so happy to be able to attend the OCSB Learning Connections Learning Fair; a last minute cancelled meeting meant I could go. 🙂 Karen, @kmcevoy50, did an awesome job again of organizing and facilitating this full day of learning for about 90 educators across the board.  33 host teachers started the day with a 19 station speed dating carousel where participants had a 4 minute glimpse into the sessions they could choose from for the afternoon.  The room was a buzz as people moved from station to station.IMG_0583  In addition to the 4 minutes snapshot of the tool, each facilitator prepared a “digital tool card” that will be part of OCSB’s new Digital Tool Deck that will describe the tool, how to use it in the classroom and align the application to pedagogical strategies and the 6 C’s.  I can’t wait to see their final product!

IMG_0580What happened next was a spectacular way for participants to choose their afternoon sessions.  There were 3 rotations for people to attend 3 different sessions.  For each session giant posters were up around the room with post-it notes representing the number of seats available for the session.  Post-it notes were colour coded for each time slot so each person had to pick up one post-it note of each colour to assure they were “signed up” for a session at each time.  Each post-it note had the time, session title and room on them. The sessions IMG_0622included: capturing student learning with iMovie and green screen with Do Ink; coding with Scratch and Kodable; connecting to parents with ThreeRing; engaging students using Google Apps; supporting struggling readers with Chrome extensions and more.   It was inspirational to attend these sessions and learn how teachers are using these applications to enhance their classroom instructional practice.  Overall the day was a fabulous day of learning for all.

IMG_0203If I don’t post again this calendar year – have a wonderful holiday. Wishing you and yours a happy and healthy New Year.  My fun pic is the Christmas tree in Ottawa airport.


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