Visit to TLDSB 2015

TLDSB-GoodAlthough we had a wonderfully cold and snowy winter (not today – finally), I managed to visit some of the LC districts over the last month.  I recently drove to Bracebridge to join Trillium Lakelands DSB for their Innovation and Inquiry with Technology (IIT) Projects sharing day.

The start of the day included a fun icebreaker using Geosettr where participants partnered up to guess the location of a photo that was
IMG_0806shared in the game.  Geosettr integrates with Google Maps and locations for guessing are set by the instructor.  Points are awarded for guessing the location closest to the actual place. The facilitators also introduced a similar game, Geoguessr, where Google chooses the locations for guessing.

TLDSB supported 23 IIT Projects this year with combined funding from Learning Connections, CODE and the district.  Teachers were provided with technology for their classroom through a proposal process.  They submitted proposals that articulated their inquiry then are required to collect data and report back to the district lead team. These are some of the projects that teachers were involved in:

  • DSC_0258_2create health and healthy living videos to share across the district – iPads
  • reduce student anxiety by having students experience situations virtually – xBox and TV
  • write for real purpose – students wrote iBooks to share with other classrooms – iPads
  • use Google Slides to guide students through lesson and provide immediate and effective feedback through Drive – Chromebooks
  • support for reading to improve reading levels using Reading A to Z
  • use e-portfolio in D2L to track progress of kindergarten students in early intervention program for reading and share with parents
  • provide online apps for students to explain their mathematics thinking through the use of manipulatives
  • use DreamBox Math with students in order to track their progress, adjust level of math for individual students and engage them in mathematics – iPads

IMG_0854After sharing, they had a session on how to analyze their evidence and data.  It was interesting to see that the group was shown how to collect their evidence and what to do with their data.  This support was in place from the beginning during their planning day in the fall, when they were lead through the process to create a data plan to collect their evidence.  I was impressed by this approach and it is a great way to support the teachers and get meaningful data and evidence of their impact.  They were guided through this 5 step approach to analyze their evidence (Jenni Donohoo, 2013 Collaborative Inquiry for Educators) and were offered individual support as needed:

  1. Organize the evidence
  2. Read the data
  3. Describe the data
  4. Classify the data
  5. Interpret the data

The wrap-up of the day included some homework for the teachers: reflect on their actions and determine if adjustments needIMG_0373 to be made, post their reflections to the blog and create a short video about the impact of their work.

Thanks for hosting a great day Dianna, Tina and Jeremy!  Love the work you are doing in TLDSB:)

The proof is in the pic…there was still a ton of snow when I visited TLDSB.


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