Visit to Northeastern Region

It is difficult to get back into routine after being away for a couple of weeks.  It is way harder after a few months!  I can’t believe my last post was April.  This will change as my visits to districts are starting up again and I will have some awesome stories to share.

Recently I made the trip to North IMG_1353Bay and joined the Student Achievement Officers in the Northeastern Region for one of their meetings.  This was a great two days of professional learning, discussion and planning that included:

  • professional learning to develop an Problem of Practice for the team
  • investigation and discussion of  EQAO and other math data to determine best strategies to support boards
  • critical analysis of BIPSA/SIM goals and math strategies for boards
  • discussion and determining action(s) for the team to support Boards to improve student achievement in mathematics
  • planning for their Learning Connections project
  • professional learning of Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and other collaborative technologies to enable more effective collaboration across the Region

IMG_1349The field team is developing multiple strategies to support their boards based on the needs of the students in the region.  The overarching theme to their actions is to establish methods and determine the technologies they can use to effectively collaborate online to create meaningful networks with superintendents, administrators, SWSTs, Numeracy Facilitators and lead teachers throughout the boards.  I am excited to be on this learning journey with them.

This visit was not without some IMG_1170fun as we had a great dinner out and then some crazy glow in the dark bowling!  Just have a look at our dinner companion 🙂  Thanks for welcoming me in your team and I look forward to working with you this year.


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