Visit to York Region DSB – 2016

YRDSBLast week I had the opportunity to visit York Region DSB, right in my “backyard”.  This year, their Learning Connections project is incorporated in their board wide Modern Learning initiative.  Every school was invited to identify a Modern Learning (ML) representative to explore and share the knowledge they gain through the professional learning opportunities.  The YRDSB LC inquiry question is:

How will having in-house modern learning representative in each school support the effective implementation of the modern learning framework?

They are taking a three layer approach to this initiative:IMG_2011

  • Building awareness of  ML approaches
  • Promoting grassroots projects and developing ML representatives teams
  • Supporting digital leadership professional learning

To set the day for their modern learning vision, the facilitation team had the group imagine or blue sky, what a new educational environment would look like if they could start from the ground up.  What would it look like? How would they know it was successful? They captured their thinking through sketches, mind maps, list…

IMG_2020 IMG_4808 IMG_4809 IMG_4817

The group then engaged in a Tweet Off where they made connections, shared their thinking, wonderings and/or reflections with regards to the Modern Learning Frame using #yrdsbML:

  • “ML is more than technology.  It’s an inclusive/holistic approach that allows to succeed based on their needs and desire”
  • “I appreciate the connections between “DeepLearning #Skills and #Mindsets in the framework”
  • “Learning driven by student choice”
  • “Authentic learning opportunities and communication are key in demonstrating learning. Purposeful learning is the key.”

There was certainly a buzz in the room with discussion of the possibilities!

The second half of the morning was spent in breakouts where teachers could choose to visit two of the following sessions:

  • IMG_2027Authentic learning tasks
  • Assessment for and as Learning – Pedagogical Documentation and Assessment Tools
  • Literacy in a Connected World
  • Classroom Inquiry

In the afternoon, teams were given time to plan their work and link their ideas back to the Modern Learning Frame: Mindsets, Deep Learning and Skills.  This was a fabulous day of learning and I look forward to hear about the specific Learning Connections project that evolves through their work.





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