Visit 2 to Catholic DSB of Eastern Ontario – 2016

CDSBEOLast week I had the great opportunity to visit two districts for the second time: Catholic DSB of Eastern Ontario and Limestone DSB during a whirl wind road trip.  Stay tuned for the next post for LDSB 😉

CDSBEO is in the process of building capacity for their Learning Connections work throughout the district.  For the first half of their project they were piloting a model for professional IMG_2361learning in one of their schools which you can read about in my first post.  The day I visited last week was a similar session for a new school that they were introducing to LC.  6 teachers were present from grades 7-12 in a range of subject expertise.

The goals for the day were:

  • create a team of experts in the school and this team becomes the support for the school
  • set up a OneNote Classroom for one of their classes

And their motto for the day was: LEARN, TRY, SHARE!

Time was spent on: introducing the ICT vision of the board, getting started with Office 365, collaborating and sharing in a group Power Point, introducing OneNote and OneNote Classroom along with learning about Yammer.  Most of the day was spent learning how to use the tools, but there were many discussions about application and how they IMG_2390could change what they are doing in the classroom.  They all left with the goal to try one thing back with their classes and have been provided the tools to try more as they gain confidence using Office 365.

Some of the feedback from the group about using Office 365 included:

  • Plan on creating a comprehensive class space in OneNote Classroom
  • Introduce Yammer for Twelfth Night culminating task and use it as a chat forum for Literacy Circles
  • Integrate formative feedback into Yammer
  • Save all my resources in OneDrive to use them in OneNote Classroom

Check out their LC project page and the video of their goals:

CDSBEO from abelearn on Vimeo.

This was a great road trip!  IMG_4511Starting with a visit with Crystal in Brockville
where we went for a beautiful walk on the waterfront followed by a fun dinner.  The afternoon in Cornwall after the session lead to a chilly run by the water followed by the best dinner at Eight Zero IMG_4556Zero (a must place to eat!)  I can’t forget to post the strange pic of the Telsa parking area at the hotel – there were 6 of these charging stations.

On to Kingston the next day …


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