Visit 2 to York Region DSB

YRDSBNot far from home for this one, but so excited to visit York Region DSB to learn about their Modern Learning initiative for their Learning Connections project.  Have a look at the video from the first visit:

YRDSB from abelearn on Vimeo.

Their project involves 4 junior and intermediate special education resource teachers (SERT’s) who have been involved in YRDSB’s Modern Learning initiative.  This was a day of sharing and preparing for the LC face-to-face meeting.  Here are some examples of the sharing.

Promoting growth mindset:

  • Encourage an inquiry learning stance for both staff and students
  • Incorporate the elements of the instructional core into their planning (i.e., role of teacher, the students and the content)
  • IMG_2633Provide, through PLCs and release days, the opportunity to delve deeper into aspects of Modern Learning (the learning, the learner and the environment) and build capacity among staff
  • Provide opportunities to work as grade partners to create authenticlearning experiences that meet the needs of all learners enabled by technology
  • Embed our new learning into our classroom practice
Modern Learning Start-up Inquiry – through the lens of mental health for staff and the needs of the staff:
  • Goal was to bring the staff together and start new since they have been doing the same thing for a long time
  • Create a staff site using Google Sites to keep everyone up to date with school information
  • Used a Google Site to organize all the school information that they were housing in a Google Drive – easier to find stuff on the Site!
  • It has been a slow transition – the hopes and dreams are that teachers will use this and school will go paperless
  • Includes interactive calendars for school, gym, library

Special education students createIMG_2634 self advocacy cards:

  • Special education students create their own cards that includes a column with their needs and one with their required support
  • This was the first time some of these students even saw their IEP’s (used to help create their advocacy cards)
  • Some discussion that every student would benefit from having a self advocacy card – believed it would level the playing field

IMG_1889In the afternoon, the team started to plan their pitch and presentation for the LC face-to-face.  What a fun and creative team! They work so well together.

Check out the YRDSB LC project page and learn more about their work.




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